Growth & Development, Ages 13-17 (2002)


This article focuses on the physical, cognitive, emotional and sexual adults of teenagers, aged 13-17. It also addresses how adults should help adolescents develop healthy sexual habits.

What Families Need to Do to Raise Sexually Healthy Adolescents

To help teens ages 13 to 17 develop as sexually healthy youth, families should:

• “Clearly articulate your family and religious values regarding sexual intercourse. Express that, although sex is pleasurable, young people should wait to initiate sex until they are in a mature, loving, and responsible relationship.” (p. 2)

• “Express that we all have a variety of options for experiencing intimacy and expressing love.” (p. 2)

• “Discuss together the factors, including age, mutual consent, protection, contraceptive use, love, intimacy, etc., that you and your teen believe should be a part of decisions about sexual intercourse.” (p. 2)

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Citation: Huberman, B. (2002). Growth and development, ages 13 to 17 – what parents need to know. Advocates for Youth. p. 1-2

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