Expedited Partner Therapy in the Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Review and Guidance (2006)

This report summarizes the available literature on expedited partner therapy (EPT) for the management of the partners of persons with STD and interprets the results. It also incorporates perspectives gained from two expert consultations, one that predominantly addressed the scientific evidence related to EPT and a second that emphasized operational issues that will affect implementation of EPT. The report serves as background on EPT and provides the evidence in support of anticipated guidelines for the selective use of EPT. It is intended as a reference document for use by CDC and by public health agencies, other organizations, interested individuals, and other partners in the public and private sector.

Link to “Expedited Partner Therapy in the Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases” (2006)

For more updated and current CDC resources regarding EPT, you can visit CDC’s EPT informational webpage.  Resources include the legal status of EPT and position papers and opinions.

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