Sex and Tech Survey

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy (NCPTUP) and came together to explore “sexting” among teens, ages 13-19 and young adults, ages 20-26. The study, conducted by TRU, a leader in studying  teens and young adults, asked participants questions about sending and receiving nude and semi-nude photos and sexually suggestive messaging via electronic devices, how these sexually suggestive images and messaging impacted their real-life, and also if it was common to share explicit material with others. The article also includes “5 tips to help parents talk to their kids about sex and technology.” A copy of the “Sex and Tech” questionnaire is also included.

Some interesting findings include:

  • “51% of teen girls say pressure from a guy is a reason girls send sexy messages or images; only 18% of teen boys cited pressure from female counterparts as a reason.” (p. 4)
  • “83% of young adult women and 75% of young adult men who have sent sexually suggestive content say they have sent/posted such material to a boyfriend/ girlfriend.” (p. 2)
  • “75% of teens and 71% of young adults say sending sexually suggestive content “can have serious nega- tive consequences.” (p. 3)

Citation: The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Sex and tech: Results from a survey of teens and young adults. Retrieved from

Link to “Sex and Tech Survey” (PDF)

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