Cell Phone Soap Operas Deliver Safe-Sex Messages (2009)


Two-hundred fifty women participated in a federal study in which women watched 20-minute soap opera episodes on their cell phones. Their risk-reduction behavior was measured against a control group that received text messages urging condom use, but no video. This educational campaign, using professional actors and scripts, was based on focus groups with women in Newark, New Jersey and Jersey City, New Jersey and was created by a nurse educator at Rutgers University.

“The scene is from a soap opera with a purpose: to use short videos to go beyond pamphlets on safe sex and deliver the message to women who might otherwise tune it out.” (Santi, 2009, p. A6)

Citation: Santi, A. D. (2009, January 4). Cell phone soap opera delivers safe-sex message. Springfield News-Sun. pp. A6

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