Creating Healthy Opportunities: Conversations with Adolescent Health Experts


This is an interview of Abigail English, the Director for the Center of Adolescent Health and Law, which is conducted by Karen Brown, a radio reporter and freelance journalist who focuses on healthcare. In the interview with Brown, English talks about expanding financially accessiblilty and confidentiality for teenagers and what measures need to be taken to do so. Lack of accessibility in healthcare for teens can lead to public health problems, such as the spread of HIV/AIDS and STIs. English hopes for a greater focus on financial assistance, preventative care, and outreach for adolescents.

  • “Not giving teens some privacy around their health care has been shown, through research studies, to affect the ways in which they seek health care – sometimes delaying or avoiding it altogether.” (Brown, 2010, p. 2)
  • “Lack of privacy also influences how candidly teens interact with health care providers and disclose essential information to them about problems like substance use, mental health concerns, and sexual activity.” (Brown, 2010, p. 2)
  •  “Financial access to health care is a struggle that stretches beyond the issue of confidentiality. english has worked for years to expand medicaid programs to include more low-income teenagers.” (Brown, 2010, p. 2-3)

Citation: Brown, K. (2010). Creating Health Opportunities: Conversations with Adolescent Health Experts. Interview with Abigail English J.D. National Conference of State Legislators. p. 1-4

Link to interview.

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