Do Older Partners Place Adolescent Girls at Higher Risk for STDs? (2002)

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This research study published in the journal, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, examines if older male/younger female sexual relationships increase the likelihood of adolescent girls contracting STDs. Researchers say that older male partners “may serve as the reservoir [STD carrier with no physical symptoms] for younger girls” (p. 214) because of a longer sexual history and sexual experience, the difference in physical size, and also the fact that teens girls may not have the skills to negotiate using contraceptives. Using social support measures, behavioral intervention measures, and policy measures to prevent statutory rape may be used to address this matter.

  • “Adolescent girls are an especially vulnerable group and are now a population at risk for many STDS, including HIV. Because of this, we need to explore all potential risk factors they may have. Whether adolescent girls who have sex with older men are more at risk for STDs and pregnancy can still be debated.” (Kissinger, 2002, p. 215)
  • “National data for both STDs indicate that the highest prevalence age group for girls is 15 to 19 years, while for men it is 19 to 24 years.” (Kissinger, 2002, p. 214)
  • “Begley et al., report that pregnant adolescents with older-age partners were more likely to test positive for chlamydia. In a previous issue of the journal,10 we reported no link between the age of the partner and a repeat infection with chlamydia. Differences in methodology may account for the differences in findings.” (Kissinger, 2002, p. 214)

Citation: Kissinger, P. (2002) Do older partners place adolescent girls at higher risk for STDs? The American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association. Vol. 3., No. 30., 215-215

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