Helping Parents Improve Adolescent Health (2007)



Parents play a critical role in promoting adolescent health and development. An analysis of data from six cross-national studies, representing 53 different countries, found that parent-child relationships affect the likelihood of early sexual initiation, substance use, and depression among adolescents.

The study recommends for programs that involve parents and adolescent health and development to include:

  • Focus on outcomes among parents as well as among adolescents.
  • Specify assumptions behind working with parents to influence adolescent health
  • Plan and design interventions carefully, basing them on appropriate theory, research, and knowledge of local culture and customs.
  • Tap the experience of local organizations, networks, and traditions to reach parents through mulitple channels.
  • Offer a balance of information, skills building, support, and resources.
  • Conduct evaluation and share experiences among parenting projects.

The available evidence shows that programs can help parents in developing countries promote adolescent health and development.

To view the full report: Helping Parents Improve Adolescent Health

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