HIV Statistics in the United States (2011)

This webpage is currently the most up to date resource provided by the Centers for Disease Control about HIV statistics in the United States.

The data is from the HIV Surveillance Report from 2011.  The following information is provided:

  • Definitions about HIV & Statistical terminology
  • HIV Prevalence Estimate
  • HIV incidence Estimate
  • Diagnoses of HIV Infection
  • Diagnoses of HIV Infection, by Age
  • Diagnoses of HIV Infections, by Race/Ethnicity
  • Diagnoses of HIV Infections, by Transmission Category
  • HIV Diagnoses, by Top 10 States/Dependent Areas
  • Persons Living with a Diagnosis of HIV Infection
  • AIDS Diagnoses
  • AIDS Diagnoses, by Age
  • AIDS Diagnoses, by Race/Ethnicity

Link to “HIV Statistics in the United States (2011)”

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