Housing Crisis – Pregnant and Parenting Youth (2004)


This fact sheet discusses the housing crisis for pregnant and parenting youth in Illinois based on a study done in 2004.  According to statistics:

  • In 2002, there were 18,546 births to women under the age of 20 in Illinois.
  • A statewide survey of social service providers conducted by the Center for Impact Research (CIR) found that 26% of pregnant or parenting youth age 21 and under are living in unsafe or unstable conditions.
  • In the CIR survey, 61% of pregnant and parent youth living in unsafe or unstable conditions were in need of immediate alternatives to their current living arrangements.
  • Reasons for needing alternative living arrangements ranged from the lack of a permanent place to stay to financial, physical, sexual or emotional abuse of the young parent and his or her child.
  • 31% of those needing alternative living arrangements were either transient or living in a shelter or car and 46% were living with their families.
  • Most commonly, youth did not have access to appropriate housing because of a lack of sufficient income, lack of available affordable housing, lack of available long-term supportive housing, limited availability or a lack of transitional living programs and the youth’s lack of credit.
  • Pregnant and parenting youth under the age of 18 who are not wards of the State of Illinois have the fewest options. 

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Housing Crisis – preg and parent youth 2004

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