National Guidelines for Internet-Based STD/HIV Prevention (2010)


A user-friendly document developed to aid health departments and community-based nonprofit organizations using the Internet as a tool for the control and prevention of STDs including HIV. The Guidelines focus on three distinct types of Internet activities: Internet-based Partner Services (IPS), Outreach, and Health Communications.

  • “This section of the Internet Guidelines makes recommendations for conducting Internet-based partner services (IPS), which includes Internet-based partner notification (IPN), for both STDs and HIV, in virtual settings, such as through e-mail, instant messaging (IM) and in chat rooms.”
  • “This section of the Internet Guidelines makes recommendations for conducting STD/HIV prevention outreach and recruitment activities on the Internet and through virtual settings, such as chat rooms, social networks, bulletin boards, e-mail groups, and other online communities.”

Citation: National Coalition of STD Directors: Promoting Sexual Health through STD Prevention. (2010). National Guidelines for Internet-based STD and HIV Prevention. Retrieved from

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