No Place Like Home for Sex Education (2002)



Changes in sexual attitudes, behaviors and lifestyles present parent’s with complex challenges they may meet when educating their children on the topics.  Sex Education is an important topic for parents, schools and communities to provide students.


The “There’s No Place Like Home… for Sex Education” (available in Spanish and English) guide provides guidance and strategies for parents to tackle sex education topics with their children. The five newsletters are available for every age and grade level (pre-school through grade twelve) and contains relevant information for the specifica age group as well as communication hints and additional resources to support efforts of sexual health education at home.

Family based Sexuality education can:

  • Allow for the sharing of family values
  • provide accurate information to children
  • build effective decision-making skills
  • counteract negative and exploitive sexual messages in the media

To view the complete guide: No Place Like Home for Sex Education



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