Raising Sexually Healthy Youth: Parent-Child Communication (2002)

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Transitions, developed by Advocates for Youth, is a newsletter devoted to raising sexually healthy youth with portions for parents and health care providers. This newsletter contains a number of articles addressing  how parents should navigate conversations on topics surrounding sex and sexual health. Topics such as the positive and negative effects of communication about sex and sexual health are discussed, along with how race/ethnicity and gender affect parent-child communication in terms of sex and sexual health. Human development, in terms of physical, emotional, cognitive and sexual development is also discussed in Transitions.

Some interesting facts from this article include:

  • “A major study showed that adolescents who reported feeling connected to parents and family were more likely than other teens to delay initiating sexual intercourse. Teens who said their families were warm and caring also reported less marijuana use and less emotional distress than their peers.” (Lagina, 2002, p. 3)
  • “In one study, just over 54 percent of students reported discussing HIV with their parents. Percentages varied little by race/ethnicity (white, 54.1; African American, 55.7; Latino, 54.5; other, 55.5 percent) but varied significantly by gender (females, 59.7; males 49.2 percent).” (Lagina, 2002, p. 3)
  • “Many parents do not provide all the information about sex that young people need. In one survey, only 38 percent of young women and 25 percent of young men said they had ever gotten a good idea from their parents that helped them talk about sexual issues with their girlfriend/boyfriend.” (Lagina, 2002, p. 4)

The article contains the following sections:

  • Introduction on Rights, Respect and Responsibility
  • Parent-Child Communication: Promoting Sexually Healthy Youth- The Facts
  • Parenting is a Five-Piece Suit
  • Sex and Sensibility: A Parent’s Take on Advice from an Expert
  • Growth and Development Ages 9-12–What Parents Need to Know
  • Selected Resources for Families
  • Growth and Development Ages 13-17–What Parents Need to Know
  • Tips for Talking with Sexually Active Teens about Contraception
  • Tips for Health Care Providers: Helping Teens and Parents with Sexual Health Needs
  • Are Parents and Teens Talking about Sex?
  • Askable Parents Raise Sexually Responsible Children

Citation: Huberman, B., Lagina, N., Moss, T., Roffman, D.M., Alford, S., Gordon, S. (2002). Raising Sexually Healthy Youth. Transitions. Vol. 15., No. 1., 1-20

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