Culturally Competent Care for GLBT People: Recommendations for Health Care Providers (2009)

GLBT patients often face discrimination in a healthcare setting. This resource provides tips on how providers can create welcoming environments that are confidential, free of discrimination, and respectful.

Tips include:

  • Waiting room reading materials and bulletin boards should include positive items about the GLBT community and materials of interest to the GLBT community.
  • Have an affirmative action policy for hiring “out” GLBT people. This will go a long way towards making GLBT patients more comfortable.
  • Provide in-depth training for staff members on homophobia and GLBT health concerns. All staff dealing directly with clients should be able to talk comfortably about all forms of sexuality and all gender identities. Have staff practice with each other until they are comfortable.
  • Friends and partners of GLBT patients should be given the respect and privileges usually given to a spouse or relative


Culturally competent care for GLBT people:Recommendations for health care providers. (2010). King County Public Health. Retrieved from

Link to PDF of the article

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