Respecting the Rights of GLBTQ Youth (2002)


This Transitions article aims to compile and detail the best approach to help programs focus on the needs of GLBTQ youth and offers factual information and risks that GLBTQ youth face.  It includes fact sheets, tips and suggestions, GLBTQ’s health care bill of rights and first hand accounts by teens and youth advocates.

A survey conducted (at the time of this article) revealed that around 5.5% of high school youth self-identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or reported same-gender sexual contact.  Society in the U.S. sometimes show stigma towards GLBTQ people and societal homophobia can cause these youths to devalue themselves and feel isolated and alone.  GLBTQ youth may also feel more inclined to drop out, run away, use drugs and attempt suicide because of societal stress.

In 2001, Advocates for Youth launched the Rights. Respect. Responsibility. (3Rs) campaign.  Youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity have the right to comprehensive sexual health education and services and deserve respect.  Society also has the responsibility to provide young people with education and resources so that they can informed decisions.  The article details how programs can implement this framework into serving GLBTQ youth.


Gilliam, J. Respecting the Rights of GLBTQ Youth, A Responsibility of Youth-Serving Professionals. 2002. Advocates for Youth Transitions.

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