HIV Among African Americans (2013)

African Americans have the highest rates of HIV. 1/16 men and 1/32 women contract HIV. African Americans have the highest rates of STI’s and having an STI increases the rates of transmitting HIV. Other reasons why HIV is transmitted are: some people really just don’t know they have it and have not been tested because they are scared, getting tested is stigmatized and/or because of homophobia. Their socioeconomic status affects whether they get tested, have access to healthcare, and the kind of healthcare they get.

  • African Americans are the population most likely to have HIV.
  • LGBTQ Blacks have the highest rate of HIV
  • Lack of access to healthcare is one factor that directly or indirectly increases the risk for HIV infection.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention are working on a couple initiatives to reduce HIV infection rate among Blacks.

  • CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) has a campaign
  • Works on HIV prevention
  • MSM Testing Initiative
  • Offers technical support to organizations working on HIV awareness and prevention

Check out the full article here.

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