Doula support during first-trimester surgical abortion: a randomized controlled trial (2014)

This study found that having a doula makes first trimester surgical abortion more manageable. 96.2% recommended routine doula support for abortion and 60.4% indicated interest in training as doulas. Among women who did not receive doula support, 71.6% of women would have wanted it. Additional clinical staff was needed to provide support for 2.9% of women in the doula group and 14.7% of controls (P < .01).


Although doula support did not have a measurable effect on pain or satisfaction, women overwhelmingly recommended it for routine care. Women receiving doula support were less likely to require additional clinic support resources. Doula support therefore may address patient psychosocial needs.

This study can be used by health professionals, youth workers, nurses and clinics.

Click here to read the full study.

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