Females United For Action

FUFA: Females United for Action was a non for profit organization that worked with young women and gender queer youth in Chicago. They organized a traveling photo exhibit called “Alternative Windows” which allowed the participants and viewers to document images of people of color that were not begin shown on mainstream media. This group is most know for their campaign against La Ley’s 107.9 sexist billboard ads “25 Pegaditas”. The group formed a campaign to take down the billboards from CTA busses and trains and on the streets. FUFA was successful in this campaign and the billboards were taken down.

The group also fought back censorship from Gallery 37 when one of the FUFA members submitted a nude picture of three generations in her family and it was turned down by Gallery 37. FUFA protested the Gallery 37 decision in an effort to let the young person submit the picture and be a part of the showcase.

FUFA does not operate as a 501c3 anymore but the relationships that were built between the members still exist and are strong.

This resource is helpful for those working with young people who want to start their own group, feminist, youth groups and those who want to start campaigns.

Check out their wordpress here.

Check out their facebebook page here.

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