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A Different Vision for the Reproductive Justice Movement Video

This is the LUZ reproductive justice think tank documentary. Click here to view the entire video. Advertisements

What is Reproductive Justice? Video

This youtube video is called “What is Reproductive Justice?” This video asks people in the reproductive movement what reproductive justice means to them. COLOR from Colorado is represented. Click here to see the video.


This is a Tumblr is written by young mothers who believe there should not be any shame and stigma in being a young parent. This website offers inspiration and information. #NoTeenShame is also a good internet site for those looking to find resources on how to talk about young parents or those who work with or […]

This Bridge Called my Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color by Cherríe Moraga & Gloria Anzaldúa

This is a free book offered. This book is written by two huge radical feminists of color: Cherrie Moraga and Gloria Anzaldua. This book covers many topics such as feminism, women of color, racism in the feminist movement, solidarity between gay men of color and lesbians of color. Click here to access this free book.

ʺHow Could You Do This to Me?ʺ: How Lesbians, Bisexual and Queer Latinas Negotiate Sexual Identity with Their Families (2010)

This journal article is writen by Katie Acosta from Tulane University. She writes that there are 5 experiences queer Latinas go through with their families. Everything is cool. It makes me sad. I don’t care what you think. What good would it do? A fantasy world. Katie posits that Queer Latinas go through different experiences […]

Negotiating Our Membership: Factors leading Latina lesbians to develop a politicized collective identity (2014)

This is a project thesis headed up by Susana Rodriquez who attended Smith College. This paper is about how Latinas have to balance different identities when they are at the college campus. Queer Latinas run into what is called the “double minority” tern in which queer Latinas are part of two not priviledged groups: queer and Latina. She […]

Evaluating Priorities: Measuring Women’s and Children’s Health and Well-being against abortion restrictions in the states

This report is about states that are restricting abortions for women. It highlights specific states and lists the repercussions of cutting down abortion clinics and access to healthcare for all women. Texas has cut down the number of their clinics practicing abortions by half the number. Louisiana has the highest maternal and infant mortality rate. […]

A Trauma Informed Approach for Adolescent Sexual-Health

This is a report that talks about how to do comprehensive sexual education with youth that have been through trauma. It covers sexual health, sexual education, populations affected, preventions, trauma, strengths and needs, therapeutic services and safety plans for those who have experienced trauma. Click on the link before to read more. A-Trauma-Informed-Approach-for-Adolescent-Sexual-Health

For Teen Mothers: What Breastfeeding Is Like in the First Days

This website page talks about breastfeeding and how to do it and the joys of it. It goes some simple pointers when breastfeeding and why mothers should breastfeed. This is a good website for mothers, teen mothers and practitioners working with these populations. It is also a good page for those mothers who have chosen […]

Engender Health for a Better Life

This is an educational site that works with family planning and has resources on HIV/AIDS and gender equality. They work in different countries around the world. They have resources for working with men as partners, HIV and AIDS- they have a non stigma approach. Click here to see more.

Is there a future for the LBGTQ Movement?

My2024 is an online game, a national conversation, and a giant party for 10 days in October 2014 asking lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people across the United States how our lives and communities could change in the year 2024. This is a good resource for young LGBTQ people and those that work […]

The Impact of Homophobia and Racism on GLBTQ Youth of Color (2007)

This publication focuses on the obstacles youth of color face with discrimination and racism. Queer youth of color are less likely to be out to their parents In research gathered at Black Pride events, Black youth said the church considered homosexuality a sin. Youth of color say they feel they have to choose between culture […]

California Core Comps for Providers of Adolescent Sex and Reproductive Programs (2008)

This guide includes Core Competencies for adult providers and educators of adolescent sexual and reproductive health to deliver effective, sensitive and appropriate programs and services. Programs and agencies might use the Core Competencies to: guide the hiring, training, development and evaluation of staff increase collaboration and cross training between agencies support consistent health outcomes for […]

Females United For Action

FUFA: Females United for Action was a non for profit organization that worked with young women and gender queer youth in Chicago. They organized a traveling photo exhibit called “Alternative Windows” which allowed the participants and viewers to document images of people of color that were not begin shown on mainstream media. This group is […]

Georgia Name Change Kit (2012)

This kit explains why someone might want to change their name and how they can go about doing that in Georgia. It is writing knowing that institutions can be intimidating to working class, the young and people of color. It guides you throughout the steps you need to complete to change your name and or […]

From Invisibility to Reality: Reproductive Justice for Current and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls Webinar Resources (2011)

These resources are for those advocating for anti-shackling in the prison system. It includes statistics, states that no longer shackle during pregnancy and pictures. This is helpful for those working in the detention center, prison, jail or interested in helping those in jail. Click here to read more.

Chicago Women’s Health Center

This website is the CWHC’s website. It describes the services they offer including: counseling acupuncture massage gynecology check ups They offer sliding scale. This site is useful for those that do not have insurance, students, and anyone who is in need of holistic medical care. Click here to visit the website.  

NAPAWF’s (National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum) Reproductive Justice Survey Project

This report sets out to list the needs of Asian American women in Chicago. Asian American women from Chicago were invited to participate in the community circle conversations  and online survey and talk about their reproductive justice needs. Click here to read the full report.

Reproductive Justice & Violence: Innovative models

This document presents the innovative work that organizations that work with youth through Chicago were doing. Sisters Empowering Sisters created a zine. Global Girls created a performance piece that asked young women to think about waiting until they are 24 to have children. Beyondmedia created a video about HIV. This document can be used by […]