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The Impact of Homophobia and Racism on GLBTQ Youth of Color (2007)

This publication focuses on the obstacles youth of color face with discrimination and racism. Queer youth of color are less likely to be out to their parents In research gathered at Black Pride events, Black youth said the church considered homosexuality a sin. Youth of color say they feel they have to choose between culture […]

2014 Deportations Hurt Women Infographic Series

This resource shows statistics and images about how deportations affect women and their reproductive health. Women who migrate to the U.S. and are undocumented risk being detained and deported. This separates the mother from the child. Women try to come back and reunite with children but if caught are then held in detention center a.k.a […]

The State of Latina Adolescents’ Health (2003)

Factors affecting Latina Health: poverty access to healthcare racism & discrimination acculturation & biculturalism familismo (the family) gender roles religion early puberty & having an older boyfriend Recommendations for Developing Programs for Latina Adolescents Make programs culturally and linguistically appropriate. Involve teens and their social support networks. Address culturally defined gender roles. Involve communities in […]

Chicago Volunteer Doulas

This website answers the following questions: What does a traditional birth doula do? What does an on-call birth doula do? This website provides services. It is a website to obtain a doula. It is also a good website to gather information and it also answers questions about finding a doula and having one for pregnancy. […]

Impact of Publicly Funded Family Planning Clinics (2008)

Public funding for family planning services, such as access to contraceptives, screening for breast and cervical cancers, and testing for STDs, for low-income women is shown to save public dollars in the long haul. Through a cost-benefit analysis, it was determined that for everyone $1 spent in public funding, $4.02 is saved by providing access […]