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A Trauma Informed Approach for Adolescent Sexual-Health

This is a report that talks about how to do comprehensive sexual education with youth that have been through trauma. It covers sexual health, sexual education, populations affected, preventions, trauma, strengths and needs, therapeutic services and safety plans for those who have experienced trauma. Click on the link before to read more. A-Trauma-Informed-Approach-for-Adolescent-Sexual-Health Advertisements

Computer Technology-Based HIV Prevention Interventions (2008)

Summary: This fact sheet discusses the use of technology in the process of behavioral interventions to promote positive practices as way to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS. These computer technology-based measures are individually tailored, can be interactive videos, and group targeted. The success rates of these computer-based intervention measures were discussed, how these interventions work […]

HIV Among Youth Fact Sheet (2014)

The HIV Among Youth fact sheet published by the Centers for Disease Control provides current statistics about new HIV infections among youth, HIV diagnoses and death, HIV prevention challenges and current CDC efforts. Link to HIV Among Youth Fact Sheet  

Herpes Fact Sheet (2014)

The Herpes Fact Sheet published by the Centers for Disease Control provides detailed information about Herpes prevention, treatment, symptoms, and contracting herpes during pregnancy. Link to CDC’s Herpes Fact Sheet

Gonorrhea Fact Sheet (2014)

The Gonorrhea Fact Sheet published by the Centers for Disease Control provides detailed information about gonorrhea prevention, treatment, symptoms, and contracting gonorrhea during pregnancy. Link to CDC’s Gonorrhea Fact Sheet

Chlamydia Fact Sheet (2007)

The Chlamydia Fact Sheet published by the Centers for Disease Control provides detailed information about chlamydia prevention, treatment, symptoms, and contracting chlamydia during pregnancy.   Link to CDC’s Chlamydia Fact Sheet Link to CDC’s Chlamydia Detailed Fact Sheet

Teen Births: Examining the Recent Increase (2009)

This research briefly explores whether the recent data showing reflect a rise in teen pregnancy rates is a short-term blip or a true reversal in the decline in the U.S. teen birth rate. It considers available evidence that might explain the apparent loss of momentum, and raises data and research gaps that must be filled […]

HIV Infection, Testing, and Risk Behaviors Among Youths (2012)

Young people in the United States are at persistent risk for HIV infection. This risk is especially notable for youth of minority races and ethnicities. Continual HIV prevention outreach and education efforts, including programs on abstinence and on delaying the initiation of sex, are required as new generations replace the generations that benefited from earlier […]

Facts on Sexually Transmitted Infections in the United States (2009)

This fact sheet compiled by Guttmacher Institute provides detailed information and data from a variety of resources regarding sexually transmitted diseases in the United States.  A variety of topics are discussed including medical costs, symptoms, populations at risk, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, HPV, HIV, AIDS, prevention, testing, and treatment. Some interesting facts include: Close […]