A Trauma Informed Approach for Adolescent Sexual-Health

This is a report that talks about how to do comprehensive sexual education with youth that have been through trauma.

It covers sexual health, sexual education, populations affected, preventions, trauma, strengths and needs, therapeutic services and safety plans for those who have experienced trauma.

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The Efficacy of a Theory-Based Abstinence-Only Intervention Over 24 Months

This research study evaluates the efficacy of an abstinence-only intervention in preventing sexual involvement in young adolescents.  Dr. Jemmott et al. randomly assigned 662 African American students in grades 6 and 7 to an 8-hour abstinence-only intervention, an 8-hour safer-sex-only intervention, or an 8-hour health-promotion control group.  

The results showed that abstinence-only intervention reduced sexual initiation and recent sexual intercourse.  None of the interventions had significant effect on consistent condom use or unprotected intercourse.

Although other studies in the past have reported intervention-induced reductions in sexual intercourse among adolescents, this is the first randomized controlled trial that demonstrates a reduction in the percentage of adolescents who reported any sexual intercourse for 24 months after intervention.  The article concludes that theory-based abstinence-only interventions may have an important role in preventing adolescent sexual involvement.

Citation: The Efficacy of a Theory-Based Abstinence-Only Intervention Over 24 Months (2010).

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Abstinence Only vs Comprehensive Sex Ed and Initiation of Sexual Activity and Teen Pregnancy (2008)

Journal of Adolescent Health article conclusions states: Teaching about contraception was not associated with increased risk of adolescent sexual activity or STD. Adolescents who received comprehensive sex education had a lower risk of pregnancy than adolescents who received abstinence-only or no sex education. For a full text version of this article, please contact your local library.

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