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Through the Looking Glass: Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs and Their Impact on Adolescent Human Rights (2008)

Abstinence-only education policies and programs have recently been the subject of increasing number of reviews and critiques in the U.S. public health and social science research communities.  The authors of this article first present and discuss a case study of one U.S.-based human rights organization, Human Rights Watch (HRW) that used a set of traditional […]

State Refusal of Federal Funding for Abstinence-Only Programs (2008)

Since 1996, the federal government has increased support for abstinence only education programs.  As the federal requirements for abstinence only education programs became increasingly stringent, an increasing number of states have refuses to apply for abstinence-only funds (Title V Funding). In this study, the researchers examined selected states that have rejected or accepted federal funding […]