toolkit_logoThe Adolescent Sexual Health Toolkit was developed by the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health in partnership with the Illinois Department of Public Health, Illinois Department of Human Services and the Illinois State Board of Education to create a resource that can be used by a variety of professionals who provide adolescent services.

School personnel, public health staff, and community-based providers such as nurses, counselors, and caseworkers will find within the toolkit current information, cutting-edge approaches, and effective policies and practices that can influence their work with the adolescents they serve.

The toolkit is based on the premise that if adolescent service providers discuss sexual health in a holistic manner and use the information found in the toolkit to achieve that end, adolescents will make informed decisions about their own sexual health.

How to use the Toolkit:

Each piece of data we add is grouped into helpful categories, so if you’re more broadly interested in a certain topic, you’ll find a wealth of data framed in those categories. You can explore the Table of Contents to find out more about what each category contains.

If you’re interested in a particular term, resource, or piece of information, try using the search bar on the upper righthand side of the page.


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